Thankful on Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello little doves! I hope you are well and enjoyed this lovely holiday weekend. If you're in America I hope you got your fill of fantastic food and spent time with your loved ones. I know I did!

     I have been thinking so much this weekend about how lucky I am and how I have so much to be thankful for. So, keeping in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share about some things that I am grateful for. In truth, I have such a long list of things that I am so appreciative for, but never fear I'll keep this relatively short.

The first is an obvious one, but it still rings true: my family. They are my rock, my support system and my best friends. I am so lucky to have a family that encourages me to fulfill my dreams and push for what I am truly passionate about.They are always there for me and I wouldn't be half the person I am today without them. I am fortunate that they are not only my family but my closest friends as well.  Everyone is not so blessed to have a family that would go over the moon for them, and when I think about it I know that I've struck gold with mine. People always say that you don't get to choose your family, but if I had to, I wouldn't pick anyone else. 

Secondly, my two best friends are EVERYTHING. They are seriously the most supportive, wonderful, generous, amazing human beings to grace the planet. These two are always building me up and making me laugh. I never have to worry about being judged by them, and I can count on them to always be trustworthy. I can tell them anything and know they'll still stand by me. I've had a lot of friends throughout my life, but these two take the cake. I would be seriously lost with out my little booskis, they are more than just friends, they're my sisters.

The next thing that I am majorly thankful for is my many wonderful, amazing international friends and the connections I have made while at UF through the NaviGators program. I have met so many incredible people who are so kind and genuine, and have learned so much from them. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be exposed to so many different cultures and to have been able to share at least part of our lives together. I wish I could picture everyone here, because all of them are so special to me, but that would be a post of just pictures! I have had the opportunity to visit some of these lovely people in their home countries, where I was welcomed with open arms and had the best times. I can't say enough how NaviGators changed my life and I am so appreciative of everything it gave me. I'm also including my wonderful executive board (the first time I was on it) because they really paved the way for my involvement in NaviGators. Especially one of my best friends, Alyssa, she brought me into this world and showed me how amazing it could be. I am so grateful for her!

Along with the international trend, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to study abroad. I met so many amazing people while I was there and found three of the coolest girls in the world. I got so lucky at the University of Nottingham and the housing I was placed in. The Flobo group were so welcoming, and I loved every minute of being there. I got the chance to see the world and travel. I saw so many places, found so much life outside of the States. I experienced new cultures and languages. I have to thank my home university and my parents for providing me with the means to be able to study abroad. I had the time of my life an can't wait to go back. 

I am so thankful to work in an environment which allows me to express myself and be who I am. These girls, along with everyone else at my job, have seriously changed my life. They encouraged me to pursue my love for hair and makeup, and supported me in my decision to start at Aveda in the coming year. They are so helpful when I have questions about it, and are genuinely excited for me. I can say that I probably wouldn't have chosen to follow my heart if I hadn't worked with them. Aside from work they are so fun to hang out with and are just the coolest girls. My bosses (who I don't have a picture with) are always so understanding and work with me on anything I need. I hold such a special place in my heart for my work girls, and consider myself so incredibly lucky to have found a home with them.

The last thing I have to mention is my thankfulness to you, the lovely people who read/follow my work on here, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram etc. It is really amazing to be starting to see my dream come to action and I am so thankful for those who contribute to it. I just want you to know I appreciate every single one of you!

I hope the start of this week has you feeling refreshed and happy, and that you enjoyed the weekend!

As always, stay gorgeous lovelies!

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