Beauty Box 5 Review-November 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

      Hey pretties! So it's that time, where I get all the goodies in the mail and am super excited. This time I'll be reviewing my BeautyBox5 that I got late last week. I've had a chance to try all of the products, so I'll be able to give my opinions on them. First, if you don't know what BeautyBox5 is, basically it's a program where you subscribe ($10/month) and get sent a box of beauty product samples each month. It's a great way to find new products or brands and try things out without buying a full size product. What I like about BB5 is that I always get a mix of product, meaning that I get one or two high end products, but I also get a few samples that are drugstore or much more accessible. That is really important to me, because I think it's nice to get a range of things each month, instead of just samples whose full sizes would break the bank. So this month,  I received the box pictured above. So without further ado, let's get to reviewing.

Dove DeepMoisture Body Wash- So this was a pretty basic product, one you can find anywhere. It claims to make skin softer after one shower, and is supposed to be super moisturizing. I tried it, and I don't know if I can support their claim, but it definitely is a really rich, creamy body wash, which I like. It also smells really good, another plus for the shower. I found it the other day in Walgreens (or maybe Target...somewhere!) and it was really inexpensive, which is really cool for those who are budget conscious. I think I still prefer the body wash that I always use (Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Wash) but it is a lot creamier than mine, so it might be something to think about for the cold winter months, when I tend to get dry! Overall I liked it and would recommend it, so I'm giving it a 4/5. 

HASK Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment- Ok I am of very mixed opinions on this one. I'll start with yes, I think it does what it says it should. It makes my hair look shinier without weighing it down a whole lot. It also smells really good, which a lot of HASK's products do not, at least, for me. I used this on both wet and dry hair and it didn't make my hair look greasy and did add some shine to it. I've had a few of these products before, including the Moroccan Oil and the Keratin Oil. Here's my gripe with it...I feel like when you see it, you think "Oh! It's just a nut oil, it's probably natural and good for my hair!" However, if you look at the ingredients on the back, the first two (ie the ones that are the most concentrated in the formula) are not Macadamia Oil, but huge chemical words nobody can pronounce. While this product doesn't boast being natural, I feel like it is kind of misleading. Personally I like to stay away from silicone as much as possible in my hair products, which this product does contain. But if you don't worry about that, then I'd say give it a go! I'll give it a 2/5.

L'Oreal Paris Nail Color in The Reign of Studs (143)- This was kind of a miss for me, in all honesty. Don't get me wrong, I love a good nail polish, and have no snobbery about using a drugstore brand. The color just wasn't for me. I like the purple, but the glitter is just really overwhelming and too much, in my opinion. I swatched it out, but I probably wouldn't use it. I also found the brush kind of hard to control, it takes a lot of product with it and I ended up kind of making a mess. However, my little teenybopper sister loved it, so she might just get a little stocking stuffer come Christmas! 2/5

DenTek Floss Picks & Case- Seriously, how cute are these?! I was actually really excited to get these. How many times have I needed a pick or floss after eating but never had any! If I had a penny for every time that happened, I'd be a rich, rich girl. I loved how it came with a case, because it makes it so easy to just pop in your bag and run out. And it's refillable, obviously, so you can just buy more of the picks and keep the case! Plus, you can find these literally anywhere and they are really inexpensive. I think a whole bag is a couple dollars. Love love love this. It's so simple, but yet so awesome. I'm giving it a wholehearted 5/5.

Laura Ashley Coconut Lime Body Butter- This was probably my second favorite item in the box. When I first tried it out, I was kind of disappointed, because I thought it was watery and to be fair, it is difficult to actually scoop it out of the jar. What I liked about it was first of all, THE SMELL. Oh my god, it is YUMMY. Although I think it is sort of a strange scent to receive in November (because it is not "fall-ish" at all), it doesn't change the fact that it smells super good. Also, I have really dry hands and am pretty picky about the creams I use on my skin, but I like that this one makes my hands feel soft. It also doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky or greasy, which is a major plus for me. I don't know that I'd use it all over my body just because it is so hard to scoop it out, but I like it for my hands. I really do like this product and am looking forward to being able to use the rest of it! I'll give it a 4/5.

Overall Review- All in all I was a bit disappointed in this box. Although I was super excited about the floss picks and I liked the body butter, the other products were just kind of mediocre or just not something I'd use. I'm hoping for a better box in December, but I was just not impressed with this one. Overall, I'd give the box as a whole a 2/5. 

What did you all get in your BeautyBox5 this month? What did you like/not like. Let me know!

Stay lovely, you beautiful butterflies!

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