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Bath & Body Works Winter Candle Haul!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello all! I hope your weekend has been amazing and that you got a lot of rest and relaxation! So today I wanted to do something a little different and show you all the yummy candles I picked up at Bath & Body Works the other day. I know it's doesn't really have anything to do with beauty or makeup, but I absolutely love them and just wanted to share! So without further ado, here is my B&BW candle haul!

I picked up 5 new candles, Frosted Cranberry, Vanilla Snowflake, Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Spiced Apple Toddy, and Black Tie. Most of them are kind of fall/winter scents, which I am absolutely obsessed with, especially during this time of year. I'm so excited that my house its going to smell so yummy! Here are my thoughts on each one:

Frosted Cranberry- So the description says "The essence of holiday magic-a sparkling blend of white cranberry, juicy peach, raspberry and true joy." This candle is really interesting because it does smell like a holiday candle, but it's fruity at the same time. I like it because it's not overpowering as some fruity candles are, and it's just very different. I was curious at first, because who really knows what cranberries even smell like? But it is a really nice blend of fruits, you can definitely pick up on the peach and raspberry too. It's not too sweet smelling either, which is nice because I can't stand that. I think it'd be a really nice alternative for people that doesn't really care for the fall/winter cinnamon-y scents that tend to dominate this time of year. As I said, it's definitely holiday, but in a different way. I really love it, and can't wait to burn it!

Vanilla Snowflake- The description is "a bright and joyful blend of sweet vanilla, peppermint, and icy mint that captures the fun adventures of a snow-filled day." Okay, so I have to say that I don't really pick up on the peppermint and icy mint scents in this just smells like vanilla to me. But the great thing is that it's not too overwhelming. Some times vanilla scented candles can slap you in the face, but this one is really understated and just smells really nice. It reminds me of my house when my mom has been baking, so it's a sweet smell, but not sickly sweet. It makes me want to make Christmas cookies and munch!

Cinnamon & Clove Buds- Ok so this is absolutely smells SO GOOD. As you can see, I am burning it as I type right now. The candle is very straightforward and smells like the name and description. It reads, "Warm up with the comfort of a spicy blend of the holiday's favorite ingredients-cinnamon, clove buds, and nutmeg." It is one of the stronger scented candles of this haul but I am so in love with this type of smell I don't mind. If you're not a fan of the cinnamon/clove holiday scent I wouldn't suggest this candle, but if you love have to get it. I have to say that I love this type of scent, even when it isn't the holiday season. It is the perfect holiday candle!

Black Tie- I keep calling this one my "Hot Boy Candle" because it literally smells like a cute boy. The description says "Your perfect escort to any holiday party- green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean." It is kind of hard to explain the scent of this..the most similar one B&BW makes is the Teakwood candle. I like this one better because it isn't as strong. I quite often think sandalwood is a really strong smell, but the sage and Tonka bean really balance it out so that it smells wonderful. It is a really clean scent, and not too overpowering. It's seriously so nice, I even bought the Scentportables for my car in the same scent!.The only thing I can compare it to is a when you hug a boy and he smells really good . Maybe I'll be able to fake a boyfriend for all those relative filled holiday parties ;)

Spiced Apple Toddy- Last but definitely not least, this candle is heaven. It's described as "The fragrance of a warming blend of apple brandy and spiced plum, infused with mulled cider and tart cranberry." This is so so nice, it isn't too apple-ly or too spicy, but the perfect mix of both. It is kind of like they mixed the Cinnamon & Clove Buds with the Frosted Cranberry candle and make a super lovely smelling baby. It is again, another perfect holiday candle, because it has that nice apple-fruity smell but it's balanced out by the spices. It isn't as strong as the Cinnamon & Clove Buds, so it might be a good option for those who like the cinnamon-y scent but don't want to be overpowered by it. It reminds me of a cold winter night, when you're outside enjoying the weather with some good hot cider. I burnt it last night and my whole house was permeated by the scent, which was great. I am a really really big fan of this one!

So just some comments about the candles overall...first of all they are HUGE. I got the 3 wick ones, because they were on sale for $12 each, which was really nice. I feel like they are going to last forever. Like I said I was burning the Spiced Apple Toddy one last night for probably 4ish hours and the candle barely lost anything. Also, like I said before, if you are burning a candle in one room, it really does permeate the whole space and diffuse throughout the house. This is really nice because I hate buying a candle, lighting it and then you can't even tell it's burning. While none of these are overpowering, they are strong enough to fill the space. All in all, I'm really very happy with them and can't wait to light them all!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. As always, feel free to comment, email or follow me on any social media. Let me know what candles you are loving and if there's any I should try! Have a wonderful Sunday & great start to your week!

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